Get To Know Us

When describing our boutique to new customers...I like to say, "at Cowgirl Upscale we've always been making America great again... one handmade product at a time.  And if you don't leave feeling happy and well taken care of, we haven't done our job!"  Sue Huston - Small Business Owner and proud to be primarily "Made in the USA" 🇺🇸

Here in Las Vegas, Nevada just under the landing path of the airport you'll find a small studio where most of the items at Cowgirl Upscale are designed and crafted by hand.  Not only are we making silly graphic tees but also goofy mugs, cute baby items, toddler clothing, hats, bags, jackets, vests and an amazing assortment of gift items with a vintage western feel and fun vibe.  Want it customized or personalized?  We can do that too.  Starting with the graphics and finishing with our own printing equipment, embroidery and sewing machines....we can do it all from start to finish.

Over the years, having a business located next to an international airport, we have crossed paths with many other talented clothing designers, leather craftsmen and jewelry artists who attend our trade shows.  We have added our favorite items from their offerings into our retail boutique to give you a larger selection of well crafted products to choose from.  Their offerings have to pass our tests of quality and durability, cannot be mass produced and the companies must have integrity.  The combination of their quality workmanship along with our own handmade work that can be customized to suit your needs is what makes shopping at Cowgirl Upscale so special.  We hope you will leave feeling all the passion and love that goes into everything we have to offer.

❤️ Happy trails and have fun shopping from all of us here at Cowgirl Upscale in fabulous Las Vegas, NV!