Sezzle - Payment Plan

Buy Now Pay Later!  At Cowgirl Upscale we now offer Sezzle.  Don't want to pay in full today?  You can choose to pay by Sezzle. 

Sezzle allows you to pay in 4 equal payments with no interest.  Just choose the Sezzle option at checkout as your form of payment.  Sezzle makes their fee by charging us, the retailer a small percentage of the sale.  It's a win-win for both retailer and consumer.  They pay us now, you pay them later.  You can learn more at

Here is what to expect when using Sezzle for the first time:

1. Shopping with Sezzle will require you to create an account. 
2. Sezzle will text you a payment reminder 24 hours before your account is drafted and an emailed receipt once the payment successfully posts. 
3. Payments will be split among 4 equal payments over the course of 6 weeks. Each payment is 2 weeks apart.  The first payment at time of order, then 3 remaining payments. 
4. If a payment is late, you’ll have a $10 late fee issued. 
5. You’ll have to build a strong payment history with Sezzle.  Sezzle is not your opportunity to load your cart with hundreds of dollars of product.  You’ll have to grow your trust for the dollar amount Sezzle will allow you to spend.
6. You may return/exchange your Sezzle purchase as normal, within our return policy. 
7. Orders placed through Sezzle will ship within our standard processing time.

❤️Happy trails and have fun shopping from all of us here at Cowgirl Upscale in fabulous Las Vegas, NV!